Volunteer Thank You Letter Template

The Volunteer Thank You Letter template is linked below. If you need tips on creating your own custom Thank You Letter, check out the 5 tips below the link:

Volunteer Thank You Letter Template (Event)

  1. Think about what kind of relationship you have with your volunteer. Are they a one time volunteer or a continuous one?
  2. Focus on the areas where they really shine. This doesn’t have to be a specific skill related to your organization. Do they make everyone around them laugh or feel better about their day? If it’s what makes them an asset, it might be worth mentioning.
  3. Consult any notes you may have made throughout this person’s time with your organization to ensure you don’t miss anything.
  4. The first draft is never the final draft. Put time and effort into it – it will show.
  5. If you would rather speak over the phone or in person with the volunteer, also follow these steps to ensure you have all your talking points in order!

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